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        沖片機(punching machine)

        龍琦珠片沖片機 特點:全自動送料、收料,生產效率高。配用不同模具可沖出不同形狀的珠片。喉深大、可沖裁大直徑珠片。具有噪音小、壽命長、速度快、外型美觀大方、操作簡便、安全等特點。本機廣泛用于服裝加工、家紡及其它飾品的刺繡加工行業。 技術參數: 1、 使用電源電壓:三相380V

        2、 馬達功率:750W(1HP)

        3、 沖料速率:310次/分鐘

        4、 沖裁珠片直徑:1-60mm

        5、 沖料寬度:160mm

        6、 機器外形尺寸:700*1200*1470mm

        7、 裝箱尺寸:680*1300*1200mm

        8、 凈重:230kg

        9、 毛重:285kg

        Features of longqi company tablet punching machine: automatic feeding and receiving, high production efficiency. Different shapes of sequin  can be produced with different molds. The throat is deep and can be used to cut large diameter sequins. It has the characteristics of low noise, long life, fast speed, beautiful appearance, easy operation and safety. This machine is widely used in garment processing, home textile and other accessories embroidery processing industry. Technical parameters:

        1. Power supply voltage: three phase 380V

        2. Motor power: 750W (1HP)

        3. Charging rate: 310 times / min

        4. Diameter of blanking sequin: 1-60mm

        5. Blanking width: 160mm

        6. Machine dimension: 700 * 1200 * 1470 mm

        7. Packing size: 680 * 1300 * 1200mm

        8. Net weight: 230kg

        9. Gross weight: 285kg

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